Bộ sản phẩm REBEL

Bộ sản phẩm REBEL

Bộ sản phẩm REBEL


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Bộ sản phẩm REBEL

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Raw materials include all types of cashew nuts separated and dried to reach a humidity level below 5%

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Raw material:

  • Raw materials include all types of cashew nuts separated and dried to reach a humidity level below 5%
  • The source of raw materials are gathered frp, the factories in the areas of Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh. Long An and some other provinces in the country.
  • Raw material before transported to the cashew plant checked bu KCS department based on the specific grades of cashew nut kernels.


  • The grading process is made by machines on types of cashew nuts such as W240, W320, W450...
  • The purpose of this process is to classify materials based on grain sizes.
  • There are many different grain sizes. Based on each type, we will adjust the size divider accordingly.
  • Through this grading process, the grain will reach the required size for export or meet customer requirements for each specific order.

Color sorting process:

  • This process is to remove particles with unsatisfactory colors and some strange imporities through the color sensor of the color sorting machine.
  • Depending on the standards of each type and each specific customer, we will adjust the level of the sorting machine accordingly.
  • Particles after going through this stage will become analogous, suit with export standards about the color as well as percentage of unsuitable particles allowed.

Manual classification:

  • Manual sorting is a manual sorting process that adjusts quality to suit orders that are difficult to achieve by sorting machine.
  • The particles will be spread out across the stainless steel table and sorted by hand by workers to select fine particles based on visual observation and evaluation.
  • Through this process, the grain will achieve overall quality according to export standards.


  • This is an important process to ensure that there are no live insects in the products (a serious mistake in exporting agricultural products)
  • The grains will be fumigated in a closed room to kill insects.
  • This process is conducted withein 7 days
  • During this time, all doors and windows of the fumigation room must be absolutely closed.

Detecting impurities and packing:

  • This process will be conducted on packaging lines combined with X-ray impurity detection machine.
  • The grain will be poured into a stainless steel funnel then go through a shaking sieve to remove small-sized impurities.
  • The grains then will be passed through a flat conveyor. The worker will monitor the whole process to remove some visible impurities.
  • The end of the conveyor is a big vacuum cleaner to remove dust and light impurities.
  • The remaining impurities will be rejected by Xray before being packed.

Metal detectors and loading goods:

  • Goods before loading must go through metal detectors for final inspection before being released.
  • Containers must be checked to ensure that the side wall and roof panel are not damaged. The floor must be clean and free from scratches.
  • The loading of goods onto containers must ensure proper loading of goods, avoid breaking the cartons. Each cartons must be affixed with paper and photographed for control.
  • Finally, close the container door and check the seal in accordane with the regulations.
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